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Problematic entertainment, part two

Carrying on from the specific-show discussion in part one. In this segment, I’ll explain why I keep watching the problematic stuff I do, while I also ditch stuff that’s theoretically less problematic.

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Post-script on the essentialism thing

Because this point may have been buried well enough in that wall-o’-text that some might miss it: I absolutely do not reject trans* identities just because I reject gender essentialism. I also don’t reject monosexual orientation identities just because I … Continue reading

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Why essentialists make me want to throw things

Another day, another cisgender femme arguing that women who “want to look like men” are inherently sexist because in rejecting certain aspects of a narrow definition of femininity, they’re rejecting women. I have neither heads nor desks enough to express my feelings … Continue reading

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Authenticity policing

Have read a couple of things in the past few days that made me start thinking about “authenticity” when it comes to drawing characters who aren’t members of the dominant power group. First up was a great photo project featuring the huge … Continue reading

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Harper is live!

Earlier than expected, too. Woop! Please welcome my second novel, Harper. Back-cover blurb: — The rebirth of the harpies begins with one young man . . . Harper Reed’s post-high-school plans are up in the air. His promising football career … Continue reading

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It’s almost here!

Official cover art is still to come, but here’s a teaser image for my second novel, which should be available soon. Will post links and such when it’s live!

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Likely heroes: Brave, my book, and my kid

A bit late on weighing in on the buzz from a couple of weeks ago re: Disney’s makeover of Merida. Short version: gross. Slightly longer version: It’s really making me question whether I want to take my kid to any … Continue reading

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On marriage

After reading the SCOTUS Prop-8 transcript (hilariously condensed by a friend on FB), it seems the anti-same-sex-marriage argument being offered boils down to this: Opposite-sex couples run the risk of producing children, therefore the state has an interest in enabling these … Continue reading

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TL;DR version of the previous post

Realized I could boil my whole point down thusly: The way entertainment is currently funded and distributed is seriously broken. This is mostly because traditional distribution channels are controlled by a very small number of very large companies, all of … Continue reading

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Identity: politics

Finally climbing down off of six weeks on plague mountain, and can think a little again, so I may be posting here a bit more in the near future. Woop! Getting the gears spinning today: some thoughts on identity, and how it shapes … Continue reading

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