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Problematic entertainment, part two

Carrying on from the specific-show discussion in part one. In this segment, I’ll explain why I keep watching the problematic stuff I do, while I also ditch stuff that’s theoretically less problematic.

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Problematic entertainment: Game of Thrones edition

Warning: The below piece includes discussion of sexual assault, as well as spoilers for the current seasons of Vikings and Game of Thrones, and mild spoilers for GoT’s source books. If you’re a fan of Game of Thrones and saw last night’s … Continue reading

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Why essentialists make me want to throw things

Another day, another cisgender femme arguing that women who “want to look like men” are inherently sexist because in rejecting certain aspects of a narrow definition of femininity, they’re rejecting women. I have neither heads nor desks enough to express my feelings … Continue reading

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Emotion is logical: Or, Vulcans aren’t actually very smart

First of all: Hi! Long time, no blog. Aside from posts on my parenting blog and the occasional burst of Twitter rants, my kid hasn’t given me much time to think, much less write, about much else. However, the dear … Continue reading

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Tempering tantrums

Way busy these days, and not enough time to comment on current events the way I’d like (aside from some late-night Twitter spew), but I do have a couple of things to say about this whole shutdown business: 1. Contrary … Continue reading

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Indie author, whatever that means

Contrary to something I posted just last summer, I decided to skip the sturm und drang of finding an agent and/or traditional publisher and go indie for my first two books. Now that it’s done? I couldn’t be happier. I … Continue reading

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Trying today to keep up with a rather deep political discussion elsewhere while also minding my kid and doing everything else that needs doing has made me realize: there just aren’t enough hours in the day/spoons in my drawer for me … Continue reading

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