Hands off

Lots I’d like to say right now re: Scalzi’s latest post and something I saw this morning featuring male superheroes in the costumes of female ones. Am short on time today, however, so you’ll be spared my usual verbosity on the topic.

As it is, most of it boils down to: jeebis, people really have to stop believing that female sexuality is inherently passive (and, conversely, that male sexuality is inherently aggressive.)  Yes, there are many people who enjoy such power divisions in their exercise of sexuality, but it’s not OK to assume that of everyone based on something as arbitrary as gender. All women are not the same, in or out of bed, and anything assuming or implying otherwise is inherently sexist. Knock it off.

Bottom line: if you don’t know for sure that a given woman is into being objectified and hit on by strangers, don’t do it. Default behavior in public should always be “leave other people the hell alone.”


About Shawna (A Mediated Life)

Writer, singer, parent, fan, media maven, and general ne'er-do-well. Fierce protector of the rights of the disadvantaged and endless pontificator on subjects both ridiculous and sublime.
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