TL;DR version of the previous post

Realized I could boil my whole point down thusly:

The way entertainment is currently funded and distributed is seriously broken. This is mostly because traditional distribution channels are controlled by a very small number of very large companies, all of which aren’t interested in bothering with anything that doesn’t stand to make them a huge amount of money. Result: creatives who want to do something other than brain candy for the masses are stymied, as are audiences who might want the different stuff they’d produce. Smaller-scale distribution channels have sprung up here and there, helping to some degree, but they’re still problematic for various reasons.

However, crowdfunding and digital distribution have now made it possible for creatives to get their stuff to audiences with a minimum of middlemen in the way, and that’s revolutionizing the field. The big guys still have their purposes–large-scale works need large-scale funding and distribution–but a whole new landscape of indie entertainment is now coming to life. Yay for that!

Unfortunately, the big guys see their chokehold loosening, and therefore want in on this and are finding ways to horn in on what should be simple, direct transactions between creative and audience. I generally hate to make slippery-slope arguments, but if we don’t want the indie landscape to turn into the same old behemoths, said behemoths need to be shown the door, and reminded that they already have their own, enormous sand box in which to play.

Again, I want to stress that I’m not anti-corporation. They have their purposes. But if they control all means of funding and distribution, niche markets simply don’t get served. That’s as true for someone wanting to sell allergen-free baked goods at a farmers market as it is for someone wanting to write books about LGBT PoCs. Underserved markets are ignored by the big guys because they’re not lucrative enough. It’s therefore critical, if we want those markets to be served, to ensure that alternate means of funding and production remain untainted by the involvement of mass-market corps.


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