Beautiful Americans

atb4x6clearHm. Given his fussiness about flag integrity, I wonder if my design here is enough for the Mango Mussolini to want to strip me of citizenship or throw me in jail. I guess we’ll see!

What with the post-election surge of asshats deciding that the country now belongs only to cishet white Christians without disabilities, I felt a statement to the contrary was in order. I also wanted something less ambiguous than the safety pin, and something less likely to be co-opted by obnoxious trolls.

More to the point, I also wanted something that could be used by businesses, teachers, healthcare and emergency workers, and others who want to quickly express that they’re supportive and welcoming. My own community has used the rainbow flag for this purpose, with some great results, but of course it’s not just queer folks in the sights of the incoming administration (not that it ever has been.) Each group has its own specific issues that need attention, from Black Lives Matter to Standing Rock, but it’s also important, I feel, for marginalized people to come together, because we’re all under attack, now.

To that end, I made this. Stripes in 13 different skin colors and symbols of 50 different religious and cultural identities. It’s not exhaustive on either measure, though I did try to get as many things in as possible. This image is up on a bunch of stuff at Café Press, and Zazzle and there are currently six variants on the design: The “America the Beautiful” image above, one that says “All Are Welcome,” and one that’s just the flag on its own. All of these come with either a clear or brown background, like so:


As with the safety pin, this doesn’t exist in isolation. One can’t just wear this on a button or T-shirt and assume that’s the beginning and end of a commitment to supporting marginalized people. It’s still important to back up your statements with action whenever possible: We all have privilege in some area or other. Use what you have to stand up for the people who are disadvantaged that way: If you’re white, tell other white people that Black Lives Matter. If you’re straight, challenge your homophobic friends and relatives. It’s hard sometimes when you’re struggling to lend a hand to someone else, but that’s how we do this. This is how we all survive.

Lastly, while this isn’t a specific charity project, I am donating a portion of profits from this to various justice orgs. I’ve already dropped about $500 on 14 different groups, such as the ACLU, SPLC, Planned Parenthood, etc., and hope this helps me do more. I’m not looking to make bank on this in any case. I’ve set up a non-commercial Creative Commons license, so feel free to download the digital versions and paste them wherever you will, as long as it’s not for profit. Contact me for any other uses.

This flag represents the country I believe in. If that makes me unpatriotic according to Trump, so be it.

Creative Commons License
Diversity Flag by Shawna Walls is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


About Shawna (A Mediated Life)

Writer, singer, parent, fan, media maven, and general ne'er-do-well. Fierce protector of the rights of the disadvantaged and endless pontificator on subjects both ridiculous and sublime.
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2 Responses to Beautiful Americans

  1. alisonc700 says:

    Love the flag, Shawna – here in Canada, I don’t know how much it will be helpful but basically all of this country is determined to keep liberal realities alive in the face of DT in the US (well, except for some extremists running for the Conservative leadership) and I will endeavor to pass this on to my US family/friends to continue the fight. Good on you for creating it!

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