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It’s been published!

It took a very long time to get here–more than four years after I started writing it!–but I am proud to announce the release of my debut fantasy novel, Thunderstone, now available at Amazon US in print and Kindle editions, and … Continue reading

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Write what you know–and what you want to know

Got followed on Twitter today by a neat new collective of writers, focused on folks writing PoC characters. Not sure how they found me, but I’m glad they did. In one of their first posts, they link to this Slate … Continue reading

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Proportionate response: sexism edition

Having a bit of deja vu this week that calls back to the Benedict Cumberbatch thing, and the fact that we hold famous people to dichotomous standards: simultaneously worshiping/defending them from reasonable criticism and tearing them to absolute bits when … Continue reading

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My Life in TV

…because I like making lists, apparently. :) What I find interesting, looking over this huge list, isn’t how much of my life has been spent in front of the tube (which is, to be sure, slightly scary), but how much … Continue reading

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Faster, higher, stronger, smarter

News of the amazing feats of athletics at the Olympics in London has been coming fast and thick. So, too, has grumbling about NBC’s stunted coverage of the events. Frankly, the coverage isn’t any different from what it’s been in the past–US coverage … Continue reading

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A few things have come up in the past several days that touch on topics of previous posts. Won’t rehash it all, therefore, but figured it’s worth making a few points.

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Last post on the con-models thing

Getting some good, thoughtful comments and having some good discussions on the first post in this chain, but they’re getting a bit meta. I’d kind of like to steer this back to the original topic, which is my assertion that … Continue reading

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