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Links to some of the writing and other media-related stuff I’ve done:


Traditional and modern fantasy and light sci-fi with diverse characters. Available in print and Kindle editions, or via libraries that use the Biblioboard e-book system.



Young Mirya Thunderstone, like all women in Dwarf culture, has lived her entire life inside her people’s underground home, deep inside the bones of a dormant volcano. Frustrated by her confinement and the limited options for her future, she longs to take up her family’s legendary axe, and follow in the footsteps of her late, war-hero brother.

But when a freak accident strands her outside the mountain, Mirya finds there’s more to being a hero than wielding a weapon. Joined by a playful otterkin couple, a deadly Elf warrior, a laid-back Native hunter and an outcast orc, Mirya must use both her axe and her wits to find the true cause of the war that claimed her brother’s life.


Already stinging from the loss of a promising football career to a catastrophic injury, Harper Reed is also mourning the end of a relationship, having been dumped by his long-term girlfriend after telling her he’s also attracted to guys.

And now, on his 18th birthday, he’s started growing feathers!

As explained by the poltergeist who suddenly appears in his room, Harper’s becoming a Mythic—a harpy to be exact—one of millions of supposedly legendary creatures living secretly among humans. Oh, and he’s also apparently the subject of an ancient prophecy and might bring on the end of the world. So much for worrying about a new career path.

With the help of his ghostly guide and new companions—a carousing faun, a dragon princess and a handsome mythology student—Harper must adjust to his rapidly changing body and abilities while tracking down critical information about the deadly curse that has put his future up in the air.


Seattle, 2060. Twenty years after a devastating earthquake destroyed much of the city and left her effectively an orphan, Sasha Delescu has returned to her rebuilt hometown for a new job and, she hopes, a fresh start on life. Hired as an expert in exotic fauna by extraterrestrial-life research company Xenobiology Network, she also hopes to rekindle a relationship with her one remaining relative and finally begin to tackle the demons still lingering from her tragic childhood.

Just as she’s settling in to her new life, studying a small mammal brought back by XenoNet’s deep-space probes, chaos breaks out: A strange ship crash-lands in Elliott Bay, and portals to alien worlds start appearing all over the planet. Along with co-workers and new friends Jay, the company’s head of security, and Alex, a young genius on the physics team, Sasha finds herself out of the lab and into the field, facing creatures both beautiful and deadly, while also trying to manage her increasingly complicated personal life.


brynsnew1 copy


Set in Harper’s Mythic universe.

In 1994 London, young half-sylph Bryn thought he had left behind his life of petty crime when he met his human boyfriend Tahir. Though their relationship is illegal by Mythic law, and therefore has to be kept secret, domestic life is bliss, and certainly far better than being a homeless pickpocket always dodging the law and fighting for survival.

Then tragedy strikes, as Tahir goes missing after they witness a brutal mythic-on-human murder. His illegal relationship making it dangerous for him to turn to the authorities for help, Bryn finds he must reconnect with his old life and friends to save the man he loves.


Three years on from the death of his son and subsequent divorce, video-game magnate Charles Jackson is a bitter, lonely man. But when a mishap on a cruise ship causes him to lose something valuable overboard, he becomes obsessed with getting the item back.

As conventional means of finding the bauble are impossible, he’s forced to turn to the unconventional—with potentially disastrous consequences.


Photo gallery features for MSN Entertainment (Wayback Machine links):

Features for the (Bremerton, WA) Kitsap Sun (click to embiggen):

bib1 bib2

canoe1 canoe2


organic1 organic2


renfaire1 renfaire2




This modified U.S. flag was created in response to right-wing anti-diversity efforts. My goal was to make an image that could instantly convey solidarity between various groups of marginalized people. Created in Photoshop.



This was a fun one: Using fonts similar to ones for famous SFF movie/TV titles to create the word. Another Photoshop project.

I also have a bunch of other politics-related graphics up on my Zazzle and Café Press stores.


Sample two-page layout for a magazine story (copy also mine), created in InDesign.


A few samples from my DeviantArt page:


And a few more from my personal stash:


And, just because he’s adorable, some music videos of my son when he was little:

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