Shameless Self-Promotion

Links to some of the writing and other media-related stuff I’ve done:


Novels Thunderstone, Harper, and Tesserae, available in print and Kindle editions.

coversm41qOySUWYcL 5173BeF7D0L

And my short story, Bryn’s Folly, set in Harper’s Mythic universe:



Photo gallery features for MSN Entertainment:

Features for the (Bremerton, WA) Kitsap Sun:

(Click to embiggen)

Bainbridge in Bloom

bib1 bib2

Multi-Tribe Canoe Journey

canoe1 canoe2

Movie Review: Expiration Date


Victory Garden

organic1 organic2

Concert Review: Tom Petty


Ren Faire

renfaire1 renfaire2

Random stuff:

Some pretty piccies:

A couple of samples from my DeviantArt page:


And a few more from my personal stash:

A few music vids:

And, just because he’s adorable, some music videos of my son:

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