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Turning of the Tides

Much of the post-DNC buzz today has been about how the convention managed to wrest back control of a lot of ideas and concepts that once belonged only to the GOP: Patriotism, a strong (but non-aggressive) military, civic duty, etc. … Continue reading

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Diversity and the perception of “normal”

Diversity in YA creator Malinda Lo is currently doing a great blog series on how reviewers often betray underlying biases when reviewing books about characters from marginalized groups. Highly recommended read. The topic is also a big jumping-off point for … Continue reading

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Indie author, whatever that means

Contrary to something I posted just last summer, I decided to skip the sturm und drang of finding an agent and/or traditional publisher and go indie for my first two books. Now that it’s done? I couldn’t be happier. I … Continue reading

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Harper is live!

Earlier than expected, too. Woop! Please welcome my second novel, Harper. Back-cover blurb: — The rebirth of the harpies begins with one young man . . . Harper Reed’s post-high-school plans are up in the air. His promising football career … Continue reading

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Identity: politics

Finally climbing down off of six weeks on plague mountain, and can think a little again, so I may be posting here a bit more in the near future. Woop! Getting the gears spinning today: some thoughts on identity, and how it shapes … Continue reading

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Write what you know–and what you want to know

Got followed on Twitter today by a neat new collective of writers, focused on folks writing PoC characters. Not sure how they found me, but I’m glad they did. In one of their first posts, they link to this Slate … Continue reading

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Voting with your wallet: Media diversity edition

Anyone who’s on Tumblr and loves to read the words of a smart, funny woman who also happens to be black and queer needs to go follow Jasika Nicole. She frequently comes up with some amazing perspectives about the world … Continue reading

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