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Post-script on the essentialism thing

Because this point may have been buried well enough in that wall-o’-text that some might miss it: I absolutely do not reject Trans identities just because I reject gender essentialism. I also don’t reject monosexual orientation identities just because I … Continue reading

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Why essentialists make me want to throw things

Another day, another cisgender femme arguing that women who “want to look like men” are inherently sexist because in rejecting certain aspects of a narrow definition of femininity, they’re rejecting women. I have neither heads nor desks enough to express my feelings … Continue reading

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Feminism, transphobia and gender bias

Perusing Tumblr today, it appears there’s a big to-do over the remarkable cluelessness of some cisgendered feminists. Best as I can tell, this all stemmed from trans activist Julia Serano’s lament that so much of the feminist energy of the moment is centered … Continue reading

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