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As I was saying about piracy recently …

Excellent piece here explaining exactly why the “free culture” nonsense needs to die in a fire. Actually had someone the other day tell me she believes in the “death of the author.” Presumably, she believes that all art is somehow … Continue reading

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Piracy: The sequel

My awesome friend Todd wrote a nice, long piece on the Game of Thrones piracy issue. Similar points to what I was mentioning: people not getting how HBO’s revenue model is dependent on cable/satellite providers. Have been thinking a bit … Continue reading

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Pompous Pirates

So, topic #2 this week is inspired by a funny-but-sad comic from The Oatmeal about pirating Game of Thrones. The gist, if you’re not inclined to click the link, is that Mr. Oatmeal went on an online hunt to find … Continue reading

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