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This asshat again. Great.

Once again, Bernie Sanders has shoved his entire foot into his mouth on the subject of racism, suggesting in an interview with the Daily Beast that many people who didn’t want to vote for Stacey Abrams or Andrew Gillum weren’t … Continue reading

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Rogues Gallery

Among the other ridiculous and terrifying crap that’s happened since the election, this week’s preposterous attempt at boycotting the latest Star Wars story, Rogue One, probably takes the cake for both predictability and eyeroll worthiness. The short version: Some rando … Continue reading

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The Purple Lie

Another election year, another purple map. Breakdowns like this also came out four years ago (and I believe in 2008, too.) They’re intended to be comforting, but they’re also somewhat misleading.   To help explain why, let me also talk about … Continue reading

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Caged Expectations

As of this writing, I’m nine episodes in on the first season of Luke Cage, the latest installment in Netflix’s Defenders corner of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I’m loving it so far. It has the same kind of ground-level, realistic … Continue reading

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Sick, Sad World

It’s been a month since the Pulse massacre. I haven’t been right since. Well, to be honest, I haven’t been right all year. Or even since last summer. If I’m going to be technical about it, it goes back well … Continue reading

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Write what you know–and what you want to know

Got followed on Twitter today by a neat new collective of writers, focused on folks writing PoC characters. Not sure how they found me, but I’m glad they did. In one of their first posts, they link to this Slate … Continue reading

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Casting a wider net

Crossposting this from my Tumblr response to a great post on acting and race by the brilliant Jasika Nicole, which itself is a follow on a post from Racebending.com. (Background: actor Jim Sturgess Tweeted something childish related to his “yellowface” character in … Continue reading

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