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So, Gamergate . . .

I’ve been blathering about this on Twitter, but there’s only so much ranting one can do in 140-character posts without it turning into spam. Since this whole mess is really kind of up my alley, being a nerd, gamer (to … Continue reading

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Fashion and marketing: fantasy vs. reality

Another day, another fashion spread featuring abused women. And, of course, another comment chain full of people trying to defend the practice. The defense being used this time is “Hey, video games are violent, too. Why is this any different?” … Continue reading

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Life as an MMO

Loved this bit from John Scalzi about how Straight White¬†Males are playing the game of life at its easiest setting (a much more sensible and less-loaded metaphor than the idea of privilege–though you’d never know it from looking at the … Continue reading

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