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Blame Olympics: Finals

My previous post on this topic has gotten some good feedback (yay!) but something else has come up this week that’s making me revisit the question: Some rather good data crunching  pointing up the effects of voter suppression on turnout, … Continue reading

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Rogues Gallery

Among the other ridiculous and terrifying crap that’s happened since the election, this week’s preposterous attempt at boycotting the latest Star Wars story, Rogue One, probably takes the cake for both predictability and eyeroll worthiness. The short version: Some rando … Continue reading

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Life as an MMO

Loved this bit from John Scalzi about how Straight White Males are playing the game of life at its easiest setting (a much more sensible and less-loaded metaphor than the idea of privilege–though you’d never know it from looking at the … Continue reading

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The top 10 reasons why Game of Thrones isn’t sexist

Realized I hadn’t made a proper post over here about this since my initial eff-you one to Ginia Bellafante last year. But, given that there’s yet another entry (from HuffPo this time–not giving them the hit with a link) in the “Thrones … Continue reading

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Ah, I love the reek of privilege in the morning

Whatever points Noel Murray may have had in this AV Club post about “Girls” are entirely lost in his framework of whining about how hard white guys have it in the world. But, just for the heck of it, I’m … Continue reading

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