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Trump’s turnout turnaround?

With the polls being as good as they have been of late, Trump’s commentariat has been out in force, declaring that either the polls are all rigged (with literally dozens of different firms all saying the same thing, that’s unlikely), … Continue reading

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So, Gamergate . . .

I’ve been blathering about this on Twitter, but there’s only so much ranting one can do in 140-character posts without it turning into spam. Since this whole mess is really kind of up my alley, being a nerd, gamer (to … Continue reading

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Trying today to keep up with a rather deep political discussion elsewhere while also minding my kid and doing everything else that needs doing has made me realize: there just aren’t enough hours in the day/spoons in my drawer for me … Continue reading

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Not enough time at the moment to write a lot about this, but a couple of points: 1. There’s a certain painful humor in watching racists falling all over themselves to blame the people they think of as enemies. The … Continue reading

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Are commercials an endangered species?

Fascinating little Variety story here reporting on the Television Critics Association events going on this week. It covers comments from Netflix’s chief content officer regarding whether his company might make their ratings public. Gist: “Why would we do that?” Money quote: “If people watch it … Continue reading

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Creative math

Surely, I’m not the only one who’s tired of box-office press that goes only for the total amount of money a movie has made? By sheer gross revenue, every new blockbuster is going to seem like a bigger deal than … Continue reading

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Facts and media bias

Disclaimer: I’m not speaking on behalf of any current or former employers. One my Facebook friends posted a link to this juxtaposition of political cartoons re: media bias, which brought up an old pet peeve of mine: the notion that media can … Continue reading

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