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Election post-game: Demographics

New York magazine put out a fascinating article a couple of days ago about how ridiculous it is for Democrats to follow Bernie’s advice and consider trying to sway racists. They’re completely right, of course, for justice reasons, but there’s … Continue reading

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Contested Popularity

In an effort to stave off what is most likely an inevitable slide into national chaos, Jill Stein, doing something useful for the first time all year, has raised funds to call for recounts in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan. The … Continue reading

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Demographic Do-si-do

Following on from the previous post’s topic, I want to dig a little bit more into the state-by-state breakdown of the demographic factors in the election. When they’re not claiming that “shy Trumpers” aren’t being represented in the polls and … Continue reading

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Trump’s turnout turnaround?

With the polls being as good as they have been of late, Trump’s commentariat has been out in force, declaring that either the polls are all rigged (with literally dozens of different firms all saying the same thing, that’s unlikely), … Continue reading

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Unfamiliarity breeds contempt

A friend¬†shared this map on FB today, and I was totally fascinated by it. Most election maps, such as the top right one there, exist to show that the country is somehow really¬†purple; to make the point that there’s no … Continue reading

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